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Full Thai is fully aware that the globe is changing rapidly especially in fashion industries where the trend changes unpredictably therefore Fullthai has set up below goals and adapting regularly to satisfy the needs of our clients. Our MAIN GOAL however is to protect and minimize any possible problems for our clients and customers which includes:

100% delivery Since the company first opened in October 1987 a delay shipment had never been occurred from us.
High standard quality We apply 100% Quality Control and Quality Assurance to every step of our production line. Each every garment that comes out from Fullthai has been monitored 10 times from our independent quality control staffs.
Short lead times We have shortened our lead times from 90 days (in 2007) to 45-60 days starting
from October 2007
Competitive prices Our prices are highly competitive with equivalent quality standard in global market.
Flexible capacity and low minimum quantities We recognize some clients (especially mail order clients) require small number of quantities to start off the sale therefore our minimum quantities have been minimized.
Full Thai Knitting (Head Quarter): 53/157 Bangrakyai-Banmai, Saothonghin, Bangyai, Nonthaburi, 11140, Thailand
Tel : +662 190 4353 - 57 Fax : +662 190 4358-59 Email: fullthai@fullthai.com